Designing New Software

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I am having some trouble designing some new software. I need it to flow into our current system but I would like to use a different layout for it or perhaps a different type of interface. Any suggestions out there? We are building a platform of products most of which use the same type of […]

PHP Multiple Signatures in Class Constructors

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Ok, I wanted to share what I have been working on as usual and two different ways I have come across kind of implementing multiple constructor methods within one class. One way is to take the data coming into the constructor and delegating to private methods for initialization based on the type that comes in. […]

iOS App Development Overview

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I haven’t blogged in awhile and I don’t know why Friday night at 11 PM seemed like a good time but here we go. I haven’t been able to write much about the progress I am making professionally because I am just so darn busy. My son was just born and I am on the […]

jQuery UI positioning

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Ok, so I played around a little bit with positioning elements on a screen tonight and I thought I would pass along my thoughts. The official documentation lists the my: at: and of: properties. It’s actually a pretty powerful tool and the first time you look at it you might go “huh”. I think it’s […]

PHP Generators

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Ok, I have been reading Modern PHP by Josh Lockhart and I came across something that I never even knew that I could use to immediately update my code and that is generators. If you don’t know what they are, they are basically one way iterators without all the fancy stuff. But the greatest use […]

PHP and multiple header locations

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Ok, this is going to be a short post since I am in the middle of a rollout. But I am transferring some pages over and I want to make sure customers don’t lose bookmarks that they have, so I redirect with PHP header tags. Well, you ever thought what would happen if you have […]

PHP Encryption and Remember Me

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Programmers, or at least those serious about security and encryption, will tell you that the only way to be secure is not have a remember me function anyways. In addition to that, you would also not have a reset password functionality either. But we all know in today’s world, you almost have to have it […]

Blur and Click Events JavaScript

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Just a small blurb about a problem I ran into today that I wanted to pass along. I have a kind of feature in an app that when you tab off the last element of a row, it gives you a brand new row to work on in the same table. (Think tabular data here). […]