Time Management for Programmers

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It’s ironic I’ve been meaning to post on this topic since it happened over a week ago. Someone on my team asked how do you manage your time to get stuff done. And I had to think about it. Because typically I am the first to complete assignments and I know I can work faster […]

Overflow Bootstrap Dropdown within UI Dialog

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Ok, a quick blog post on what I am working on since I didn’t see much out there on this issue. I have a UI dialog open up with a listing of documents attached to a particular product. There are associated attributes for each document in a table and at the end there is a […]

Designing New Software

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I am having some trouble designing some new software. I need it to flow into our current system but I would like to use a different layout for it or perhaps a different type of interface. Any suggestions out there? We are building a platform of products most of which use the same type of […]

New WordPress Theme

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Guys I think I am finally settled on a WordPress theme. I hope you like it. It’s really clean and nice and hopefully I can populate it with some more items for you guys. In the mean time, drop me a line, let me know how I am doing and what you would like to […]

Hello world!

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I finally have my own website up and running. It is ugly as sin right now, but I assure you, give me some time and I will have a wonderful, thriving, social website with hopefully content uploaded weekly. I am using this site to sort of promote myself and tech things that I am doing. […]