Sunshine PHP 2017

I had a fantastic time as I always do at Sunshine PHP 2017 down in Miami this year. I chose this conference because there were several speakers that I had heard about that I wanted to hear and they did not disappoint. And let’s be honest, the other big reason is to get down to Miami in February and escape the dreary winters of the midwest!

The conference itself was very well organized. I personally had no issues with any of the tech there, as conferences are notorious for bad wifi. The vendors were great, the hotel was good and big props to Adam Culp for keeping everything together and logging all those miles everyday.

On the more personal side, I really enjoyed meeting and hearing from Chris Hartjes and Ed Finkler in particular. These are two people I have been following in the community, one of which I didn’t realize is just north of me here. I also appreciate Ed’s outreach with OSMI, as I have suffered from mild anxiety over the years due to stress.

On the technical side, overall, I thought there was a strong focus towards security this time around, including a security panel discussion that was very informative. Other things that stood out to me is it appears as though there may be a movement to a more microservices approach and getting away from large frameworks. Hell, you can even grab small parts of the large frameworks to do things. I was thrilled to learn more about web sockets and async programming. And the more PHP specific conferences I go to, I would dare say PHP programmers are more well rounded because most of us program in more than one language. Gone are the days of someone who specifically does PHP and only PHP. Most of us know Javascript on at least a moderate level and can fiddle around jQuery. Some of us even more.

I have been to both PHP and Javascript conferences and overall, the PHP community is the one that suffers the most from imposter syndrome. Most developers are very humble, eager to share knowledge and never judgemental (imho). There isn’t much fight over which framework is best, more best practices on using them. It’s a great thing to see and I hope to one day contribute more, be there more, and hopefully one day it’s me up there giving a keynote.