Designing New Software

I am having some trouble designing some new software. I need it to flow into our current system but I would like to use a different layout for it or perhaps a different type of interface. Any suggestions out there?

We are building a platform of products most of which use the same type of Bootstrap layout but in this case it may be more intuitive to have a top form and a side menu of options. The new program will be part of the same platform but with a distinct set of capabilities. Writing out this blog post already seems to have clarified what I want to do.

I guess the real issue here is when to stop implementing features on paper and just go for building the app. How much of an eye do you keep on the future? I tend to think too big for our small team. But I also want the best possible. In my position, I feel like the software has to sell itself. I really don’t want to walk into a demo and have the client go, I wish it could do this. And then me going, well I thought of that but I didn’t have time to implement it.

I think you need to focus on the core features of a product. What are the basic elements needed to accomplish the task? Write the program to complete those tasks. But keep it is decoupled and light weight as possible. That way, when new features are requested or added, it becomes that much easier. Iteration! as they say.

This blog post is also an effort to write more this year. And not necessarily on specific coding topics but sometimes on techniques in general. I hope someone else reads this and finds it useful. Sometimes it really helps to have your thoughts out on “paper” to clarify the design situation.