New Projects

Ok, so I need some help from my friends. I really want to try out some of these new technologies in Javascript but I don’t know where to start.

The MEAN stack is very intriguing especially when it comes to real time apps. However, I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the MongoDB. I’m used to being able to search large data sets and really the MongoDB isn’t setup for that. However, quick lookups by id work great with it and there is no need for relational models.

Perhaps we could come up with something that is a combination of both. Since Angular can connect to multiple APIs, this could theoretically work. Deep searches would work great using traditional means and the time sensitive NOW communications could run off of the new stuff.

I guess the industries I work in don’t really require real time data feeds, which is the biggest issue. Perhaps some stack testing monitors could feed data to a db that we could then access in real time, creating rolling JS charts (similar to the stock market but for air quality testing).

Anyways, I need some test projects that I can open source on GitHub. Hit me up with some ideas and I’ll post the repository so we can collaborate.