Time Management for Programmers

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It’s ironic I’ve been meaning to post on this topic since it happened over a week ago. Someone on my team asked how do you manage your time to get stuff done. And I had to think about it. Because typically I am the first to complete assignments and I know I can work faster […]

My iOS App was rejected from the App Store

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;tldr Be sure to check all the human interface guidelines and adhere to those strictly. Imagine my excitement posting my first app to the app store and going through all the rigamarole of setting up all the meta data and uploading the binary to be checked out, giving out demo credentials and waiting patiently for […]

Serving Multiple File Types with AWS through SlimPHP

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Ok, I recently ran into something where I wanted to implement API downloads using SlimPHP with a direct link (or id). The files are actually served through Amazon S3. Now, the good thing is that if you are using SlimPHP version 3, it takes the Guzzle interface for the response which you can easily drop […]

Overflow Bootstrap Dropdown within UI Dialog

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Ok, a quick blog post on what I am working on since I didn’t see much out there on this issue. I have a UI dialog open up with a listing of documents attached to a particular product. There are associated attributes for each document in a table and at the end there is a […]

Sunshine PHP 2017

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I had a fantastic time as I always do at Sunshine PHP 2017 down in Miami this year. I chose this conference because there were several speakers that I had heard about that I wanted to hear and they did not disappoint. And let’s be honest, the other big reason is to get down to […]